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A Living Practice

The Living Wholeness practice or pattern helps us access a larger and deeper field of intelligence and new capacities within and around us. We believe the long-term purpose of systemic transformation is to evolve a new culture, or new cultures, whose values, beliefs, behaviors, assumptions and meaning-making are aligned with life. By working with the individual and collective, the visible and invisible, and the known and unknown, the Living Wholeness pattern has the capability to accelerate our intentional evolution.

Living Wholeness offers a framework in integrating ‘living systems’ beyond theory and concept and into living practice. It is a framework for being systemic at every level, with ourselves, in our work and communities, and especially in relationship to all of life. It offers us a means to experience 'being systemic' by widening the scope of what we mean by systemic and framing our work not as "fixing" systems external to us, but finding new alignment with our inner and outer worlds. We can then translate what we become to our work, communities, families, homes, government, social innovations, businesses and new initiatives that can shift systems.

We feel this is timely for our world as there is a strong pull to do systemic work, to shift small and large systems, to create more alignment with life. Through our work in the world and living wholeness as a life practice, we have been discovering that Living Wholeness is both a world view and a tangible fabric that weaves together qualities, practices and pathways.

This practice offers a systemic transformation architecture and practice that activates breakthrough collective intelligence around radically new ways of working and living. It works on the core premise that in order to transform our systems we need to learn, individually and collectively, by cultivating a new set of assumptions.

Qualities of living wholeness

We live wholeness when we re-member our lineage of life and connect to a deeper sense of being part of a greater whole.  When we are resilient because we respond with respect and integrity no matter what life brings us.  When we know we belong to a place, community, earth, life and feel our indigenosity.  When we feel a deep sense of responsibility because we care and want next generations to live.  When we know that what we have is enough and that all we need is to be resourceful with this.


We have begun to see a pathway of Living Wholeness – not as a static set of rules – more as an unfolding journey that has many different expressions.  It is a pathway of living life with mastery, living life with the dance between the visible and the invisible, with the individual and collective. 

Seven streams, each with its own flow gives us a pathway which includes:

  • Engaging with an invitation/call
  • Accessing purpose, that which is being asked to be pursued
  • Inviting diverse levels of participation
  • Creating a learning ecology, a web of relationships that allows us to collectively learn and harvest this learning
  • Opening to a relationship with powers of place so that natural and built environment also participate
  • Tending to resources and economy, i.e. keeping one’s home in order, with mutuality and reciprocity
  • Working within an organising pattern that creates order naturally and allows continued emergence

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