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In Greek, one of the words for beauty is omorpho which actually means 'to bring into form.' Beauty, then, is to bring form to potential - which is a bit like the work we do all over the world, and also in our own lives.

The Living Wholeness Institute is busy with many things. We find ourselves working in places in which systems are in fundamental shift, and in collaborations with brave souls who are calling in new ways of living that sustain people and planet. Together, we are asking "What does it mean to truly transform our systems - ourselves included - so that they are deeply sustainable, at all levels?" 

What's new?

We are co-creating practice grounds where we inquire into this question collectively and in real time. We work in Europe, the Middle East and North America - and right now Greece is a real hotspot for the convergence of collapsing systems and new forms of living and working that are emerging.

Come to our next Art of Participatory Leadership-Athens on May 27-29, 2016:

Read about our insights on participatory leadership in Greece: Crisis, Chaos, and Unexpected Gratitude.

Hear more about the situation in Greece: Maria's TEDx talk on The Greek in All of Us.

Watch Vanessa's TEDx talk on Conscious Closure and the Wild Life of Dying.

Join us this summer at Axladitsa for our Summer Offerings or just come live on the land with us in our Open Week (August 17-24th)!

Join us!

The LWI also offers many depth-learning opportunities. 

These range from trainings such as the Art of Participatory Leadership within the European Commission, The Art of Hosting Social Transformation, the Art of Collaborative Leadership- to our signature programme, the Immersion which takes place at Axladitsa-Avatakia in Greece. This summer, you can join us on the land of Axladitsa, our 24-acred olive farm and living arts centre, for programs and our Open Week.  We also curate collective and life transitions, celebrations and gatherings, and we offer apprenticeships, action-learning partnerships, mentoring and Master Classes. We are open to the many new ideas on how to learn, partner, experiment and live together at this time!

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